On January 2, 2011 we kicked off our first event at the Mayne Stage on the north side of Chicago, where we hosted a welcome home party for Big Mel, one of Chicago's finest entertainers. Former member of Public Announcement Big Mel has returned to the stage, promoting has new CD That's Luv, do for release in June 2011. We would like to also thank our family & friends, and everyone who came to make this event possible. May God bless you all to be successful. Thanks From BMP & LKE Entertainment.

Big Mel, aka Mel Colvard, singer,musician songwriter, was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. Mel grew up surrounded by a very talented musical family. His grandmother sung in a popular gospel group during the 1970's called the Loving Sisters. Inspired as he was,Mel began to learn more about his musical background. Big Mels talent consist of several instruments, piano, keyboards, bass guitar, lead vocalist, writes and produces his own music. His friends call him the Super Producer The One Man Band. His big break came in the early 90's as the founder of the group Subway out of Chicago, later signed to Biv10/Motown Records. Bel Mel also produced three songs that got the Brat signed to So So Def, Jermaine Dupri Record Label. He was also founder of Motowns Recording Artist Sparkle. In 1994 Big Mel joined the group Public Announcement. A few years later Bel Mel left the group to pursue a solo carrier. Now he's back in the game with his new release Thats Luv.